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Panasonic KX-NS1000 Business Communications Server

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The Panasonic KX-NS1000 is a SIP based Unified Communications and Collaboration server, designed to improve customers’ business efficiency through Voice over IP and wireless technologies.

With best in class, high definition voice quality and on-demand capacity enhancements, the NS1000 is the core of a powerful VoIP communications solutions offering flexibility, simplicity and productivity.

IP networking and SIP are fully supported, while maintaining backwards compatibility with traditional ISDN trunking to ensure flexibility. A SIP communication session can involve voice, video, web, or instant messaging, and can take place on many different communication devices, such as laptop computers, IP phones, PDAs and mobile phones. The NS1000 helps businesses to leverage the advantages of SIP by enabling communications between devices in a variety of formats, ensuring your message gets through.

The KX-NS1000 comes with basic licenses (Activation Keys) preinstalled. It is also possible to add activation keys to flexibly increase capacity or functionality when required according to the growth of your company.

It is optimised for 30 – 250 users, expandable to 1000 network users and supports wireless DECT systems and mobile phone integration which means that you can stay in touch, even when you’re on the move.

The NS1000’s powerful, built-in Unified Messaging and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system means you can really optimise the way you interact with your customers. Voice and fax messages can be received using the built in Unified Messaging system in a number of ways – as email attachments, through the NS1000 IMAP4 server, or using the Communication Assistant Outlook Toolbar. This means users can listen to voice messages using their phone or PC, for maximum flexibility. Business communications takes place through a variety of media – such as speech, messaging, email and text based chat.

The NS1000 allows you to choose from a superb range of terminal devices, including SIP desk phones, NT300 series proprietary IP phones, IP softphone and headsets. Add integration for mobile phones and you are sure to find the ideal solution for all types of users.

The ideal partner to the NS1000, the UT series SIP terminals offer ‘best in class’ HD quality audio, advanced configuration and setup options, and large, clear LCD displays for ease of use.

These terminals enhance personal communications using excellent HD quality audio on all models through the range, combined with low power consumption and easy access to powerful supporting features and applications.

The terminal range - from standard phones, SIP DECT units, executive terminals and touch-screen Smart Desk application phones - addresses all requirements for the user specific needs.

Panasonic’s reputation for design, quality, reliability and care for the environment, ensures an exceptional user experience wherever the terminals are deployed.