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Expertise gathered over years of research and development has enabled Panasonic to provide a new kind of lighting experience. LED-type lamps provide the same warm feeling of light as traditional light bulbs, refrain from the use of harmful chemicals and immediately light up 100% when switched on. Panasonic LED lamps are not only kind to the environment, they also last for many years to ensure long-term cost savings.

The LED lights are characterized by long life LED (50,000 BH), high efficient electronic driver, specially designed heat sink, anti glare diffuser, high surge protection (2.5KV) and an operating voltage range of 80-330V ac. Surface mounted or recess mounted circular down lights, rectangular/square recess mounted panel lights and surface mounted battens are available in both warm and cool daylight light colour in different wattages. There are also T5 energy saving light fittings in 14W and 28W eco or premium types.

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