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Panasonic Wiring Devices

Panasonic wiring devices offer smart design and reliable technology. Fire retardant and heat resistant materials are used in the switches and sockets to prevent core components from burning. High capacity silver contacts are used for longer life. The high quality Panasonic electrical construction materials are now available on our market. Please contact us to meet your needs.

The following products are available in different colours such as white, gold, chrome, etc.:

  • Single gang and multi gang switches including grid switches
  • Single and double sockets
  • Single gang and double gang RJ11 telephone and RJ45 data sockets
  • Bell push switch
  • Water heater switch
  • Single gang and multi gang dimmer switches
  • Cooker control unit
  • TV sockets DIN type and F type
  • 20A and 45A cable outlets with terminal block
  • USB sockets
  • Also available are Distribution boards, MCBs, SP, DP, TP, 4P isolators
  • Lamp holders and ceiling roses

The line-up of the different devices is given below:

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